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We are all about creating powerful brands and lifestyles for creative entrepreneurs.

Our Story

As It Seams is a result of a collaboration between husband and wife. With many years of struggling to become our own bosses, entrepreneurship is so natural to us. After building many small businesses that we could think of, we realized we have a passion of building up businesses, and helping other like minded creatives to expand on their ideas, making it as fun and as pain free as possible.

Our Mission

To teach individuals to find their passion and design their own custom fit lifestyle. One person at a time.

Philip S.

Co-Founder / Head Graphic Designer

Chloe Y.

Co-Founder/ Creative Director


Passion Discovery Session


What is your life passion? What are you called to do?

Let’s meet up and talk about you. This is a casual meet up talking about where you are in life and where you would like to be. We may find something right away, and we may explore different areas before deciding on the next step, or we may even end up with more than one.

This session is perfect for you if you are:


  • currently working at a company but not sure if this is the right field.
  • hoping to start a business or freelancing.
  • currently not working.
  • fresh out of college.
  • doing multiple things, and not sure which one to dive deeper into.
  • already freelancing and want to grow more.
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Branding Strategy and Design


Before we go straight into visual designs, let’s discuss and research in depth about your brand’s real color, purpose and missions.

Let's talk!
Branding Visual Design

Visual Design


Once we have discussed your needs in depth, we will then go into creating the visual design to deliver your message.

Let's create!