As It Seams is a result of a collaboration between husband and wife. With many years of struggling to become their own bosses, entrepreneurship is so natural to them. After building many small businesses that they could think of, they realized they have a passion of building up businesses, and helping other like minded creatives to expand on their ideas, making it as fun and as pain free as possible.



We wanted to help everyone and anyone that asked for our expertise. However after working with several clients that were not married to our style of design, we decided to play a little hard to get and only carefully carry on relationships that are a great match in personality in terms of designs. We now create the best work with 100% passion working with like minded creatives that are ready to work with us.



We love what we do, and how we live our daily lives. We want to share this beautiful lifestyle with everyone. We believe that in order to change this world into a better place for our future is to help people feel happier. One person at a time. And we believe that in order to make people happier, we can help create a lifestyle that they enjoy working hard for doing what they are passionate about. So we are here to work super hard for you. Help you to expand your small idea that you thought of while daydreaming in your current office job. Help you to make that dream into reality. We’re here to deliver great work to guide you to a great start to your future lifestyle.

Philip S.

Co-Founder / Head Graphic Designer


Chloe Y.

Co-Founder/ Creative Director