Every graphic design firms have different outline of how they work for you.  Some companies only gives you one design that you need to stick to, some gives you many options.  Some charges extra for revisions and color choices, etc.  Before you start working with us or any other design firms, make sure you know exactly what to expect, and what you are getting charged for.
This is a basic guideline of how we work with you.


Stage Guidelines

[tabgroup][tab title=”1.Consultation”]

  The most important stage of designing is the consultation. We need to find out exactly what you are looking for, and what kind of style you like.   You may choose to do the consultation on the phone, or we can even do it via online chatting or via email.  If you are near us, we can meet at your business , or at any other local area.  Once we get a grasp of what your company needs the most, we write down a quotation of what we would like to do for your company, and also what it includes.  At this stage, we will determine what the best solution is for your business. [/tab]
[tab title="2.Initial Designs"]
 After we figured out what needs to be solved in your company, we then go into initial designs.  Depending on the project we work with, various number of designs are presented to you.  This is a stage where the designer and the client meets in the middle point.  We get to know what your definition of "modern" or "classic" is, and we adjust to your needs.  Also, it is a crucial point where the clients see their thoughts and imaginations on paper, and decide whether or not that was what they were looking for.  We also sometimes add an idea that you haven't thought of, but might be good for your business.[/tab]

[tab title=”3.Variations”]

 Out of the initial designs we will then go into exploring one of the designs.  You may like a certain element in design one, but the whole style of design two with a little essence of design three.  We take your feedback from the initial design and go into detailed development.  It may look very similar to the first initial design, or it may look totally different.  Either way this step explores all possible method to make your project stand out.  It also gives the designer and the client to add elements that they haven't thought of in the initial stages.  [/tab]

[tab title=”4.Revision”]

 Now that we have chosen the almost final design, we go into revision.  Revision is where we refine lines, positions, maybe go into further variations on a small detail.  Sometimes, we might skip this stage, if we find the perfect one during our Variations stage.  Whatever it may be, we perfect all the vectors and alignment at this stage.[/tab]

[tab title=”5.Details”]

 Let's go into even finer details such as font type, size, and color.  Clients are given a few variation of font design and color choices, as well as minimal changes to the what we have worked on so far.  Again, fine details might be skipped if everything has been thought of and edited in the previous stages.  Here, the client chooses for the last time.  [/tab]

[tab title=”6.Final”]

 Ta-Da!  We prepare your final product in to a package and send it to you for your use. [/tab]