Is your artwork pixelated and blurry?

We fix low resolution files by converting artwork into vector format.
Low Resolution images result in poor quality printing and web viewing.
The File Doctor service will revive your logo into a crisp image!




What is the File Doctor?

  • We turn low resolution Raster logos into Vector format.
  • We use your reference image and retrace and apply colors.
  • Most services are completed within 24 hrs.
  • Final artwork files available to use for future print orders.


How do I get started?

  • Find the “Contact Us” page and send us a message for a quote.
  • E-mail your requests and sample images to for a quote.
  • Confirm Service Fees and Pay.
  • 24 hr turn around.


What is Vector?

  • Graphics based on vectors (Paths or Strokes)
  • Paths/Strokes are transformed and located by Control Points.
  • Each point has a definite position on the X and Y Axis on a work plan.
  • Vectors can be re-sized to any dimension and retain quality.


What is Pixelation?

  • Caused by displaying a bitmap at a large scale that cause pixels to appear.
  • Low Resolution is caused by a limited number of pixels and colors.
  • Pixelation is deliberately used in television shows to obscure a vulgar gestures.
  • Pixelation is also used for artistic effects, also called Pixelization.