Branding Identity


Creative Business Tailoring


Arrowhead Stitching Consulting

( A regularly spaced triangular stitch used as a decorative touch or when stitched close together (tight as in satin stitching), to add strength at strain areas of a garment.)

Are you already in your own creative business?  Arrowhead Stitching Consulting program is for individuals who has already started building their dream directions but needs help with making visual alterations as well as revisiting the copyright contents, bonding your business altogether for a strong, efficient presentation to your clients.

Baby Hem Coaching

(Hem that is turned up a very small amount, about 1/8″. Sometimes a stitch line is made just a hair from the edge of the raw edge and turned up twice using the stitching as a guide and stitched again into place. Used often for chiffon or other fragile fabrics.)

Baby Hem Coaching is a DIY email subscription program for self-motivated creative individual to get guidance with their passions in planning, dreaming, scheming with small steps to sew the kind of life they want to live.  From daydreaming ideas to practical approach to establish daily routines this program will organize your thoughts and help you end with clear directions to what you need to do next.

Creative Patterning Coaching

Are you determined to make a lifestyle out of your creative talents and passion but not exactly sure how to seam it all together?  Creative Patterning Coaching is a one-on-one virtual coaching program for any creative individuals to maximize their potential and find a good balance within their lifestyle.